Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, July 20, 2015

19 Months

Happy 19 Months!
Corban is officially closer to 2 than 1 now! Ah!
Fun facts for month nineteen:

Weight: 22lbs 6oz+
Height: 32in

Eating: 3 meals a day, 1-2 snacks (he will eat any time you offer him food)

Sleeping: all night, two naps a day (although headed toward 1 nap)

Diapers: size 4

Clothing: 12-18 months, 18 months

What's new for month nineteen:  
  • He says "blueberries", "blackberries", "outside" (did I already say that one?), "dedekah" (Rebekah), "shoes", "dog", "cat", "duck", "cow", "all done", "up please", "diaper", "cup", "trees", "Isaiah", "DD", "Gigi", "Pop", "Papa", "Lulu", "Chellst" (I don't know why Chelle gets an st at the end of her name sometimes), "Geoff", "Stella", "Dwew" (Drew), "poopoo" (while pointing at his diaper - good sign!), and so many more
  • He is trying to say almost any word we ask of him
  • He is doing a lot of animal sounds now
  • He says "yeeaaaaah" to about any question
  • He is getting tougher, as in even though he still loves to put his head in danger, it bothers him less when he falls down
  • He is very talkative
  • He is getting better at eating vegetables
  • He loves to say, "I love YOOOOOUUUUUUUU" and laugh
  • He can point to his nose, mouth, belly button, feet, hands, toes, head, eyes (on someone else), ears, and we are working on shoulders
  • He is getting tall enough to climb on furniture and grab things off the counter
  • He had his first haircut and his first bloody nose (running into an open door)
  • He can safely get downstairs
  • He is so sweet and cuddly
  • He loves his sister deeply
  • He loves to give me raspberries
  • He has so many funny sounds he likes to make 
  • He loves to roll the cars really fast and laugh (while trying to do a version of a car noise)
  • He loves any kind of fast movement, throwing, or swinging
  • We are reading a lot these days - his favorite books are the clock/time book (praying at different times a day book), the Baby Sees... book, the Little Blue Truck, Pride & Prejudice babylit, and Sense & Sensibility babylit
  • He is running everywhere and can climb stairs pretty well. If you hold both hands, he even takes them one step at a time. 
  • We were out of town when he actually turned 19 months and coming back together was so fun. We definitely missed each other and had lots of cuddles to make up for lost time.  
  • Honestly I took very few pictures this last month because we have just been on the GO so much. 

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