Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, November 16, 2015

23 Months

Happy 23 Months, Buddy Boy!

Fun facts for month Twenty-Three:

Weight: ~23lbs
Height: 32+in.
Eating: 3 meals a day, 2 snacks
Sleeping: All night, 1 nap and sometimes 1 rest/nap
Diapers: Trying to find a new solution to the taking off the diaper issue, so Diapers 4-5, pullups 2T-3T
Clothing: 18 Months, 18-24 Months (smaller for pants, larger for shirts)

What's new for month Twenty-Three:

  • He is talking in sentences (and has been for a bit now): "I see it?" "I have some too?" "I name Corban" "I'm up high!" "It's up there! Up high! In the sky!" "What's that sound?" (he's been saying this four a couple of months)
  • He likes to sing
  • He is saying "NO!" and "MINE!" a lot - he's getting possessive
  • He thinks hitting is fun... 
  • He can count to 10 (sometimes higher) and sing his ABC's
  • He can ask politely saying, "May I have ----- please" and it is adorable
  • He can spell his sister's name, but is convinced it's the spelling for his name (he's slowly learning his own spelling)
  • He likes to spin
  • He likes to tickle people and be tickled
  • He likes to roll across the floor, be tossed around, and "fly"!
  • His relationship with his sister is getting more sweet
  • He can finally do the ABC puzzle (which is nice because he likes to dump it out and it has a lot of small pieces that hurt to step on)
  • He likes to play pretend, and "cooks" for me a lot
  • His smile can light up a room
  • He has decided that going to his MDO class is the worst thing and when he see his teacher he flips out. Regardless of where we are, which is sad since she is an awesome woman. 
  • He has started to like drawing with chalk and crayons
  • He likes stickers
  • He wants to read all day! Reading and going outside are the only things worth doing in his mind haha 

Little man's 1st Halloween as Olaf! With his favorite Anna and Elsa

Olaf with Elsa and Kristoff

Another costume opportunity - Peter Pan! (He wouldn't stand still for a picture)

Still loves to cuddle with his mommy when he gets up from nap (and some other times)

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