Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2 Years!

Happy Birthday, My Little 2 Year Old!

Fun facts for month Twenty-Four:
Weight: ~23lbs
Height: 32+in.
Eating: 3 meals a day, 2 snacks
Sleeping: All night, 1 nap
Diapers: Trying to find a new solution to the taking off the diaper issue, so Diapers 5, pullups 2T-3T
Clothing: 18-24 Months
What's new for month Twenty-Four:
  • He is talking in complex sentences
  • He likes to sing
  • He thinks hitting is fun... and says "CRASH!" when he does it
  • He can count to 12
  • He can build huge tours of blocks
  • He likes instruments - drums, piano, and guitar
  • He likes to spin
  • He loves reading non-stop
  • He is super smiley all the time
  • He wants to be outside whenever possible and has been sad that cold weather has meant no sandbox time
  • He loves baths, but not washing his hair
  • He is obsessed with airplanes, dinosaurs, and baby dolls (thank you, big sister)
  • He is deathly afraid of dogs
  • He loves his sister so much so he does not permit her to sleep if at all possible and she is not a fan
  • He likes to tickle people and be tickled
  • He likes to roll across the floor, be tossed around, and "fly"!
  • Puzzzlllleeeessss 
  • He likes to play pretend, and "cooks" for me a lot
  • He loves airplanes so much that if he hears one (whether he is inside or outside), he stops, points at the airplane, says "airplane!!", makes the airplane sound, does "airplane arms", and runs around making the airplane sound

First time eating ice cream

Birthday boy!

On his actual birthday (not party day), he got to have a brownie with breakfast

No objections here!

Even RB got in on the fun

Magnets! We love this toy!

Jumping on the bed is a favorite past time

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